aurelio arantes

Product Designer
over 14 years
of experience in
digital products.

I have been designing differentiated digital experiences, step by step, piece by piece, from the original idea to the final product, exploring the balance between user needs and business goals.


As a Product Design Lead with Biz Airlines, I designed JetDirect. Now concierges and travelers can seamlessly and easily book passengers' itinerary through web or mobile.

  • Lead Product Designer.
  • Biz Airlines.
  • 2017.


Troüpe is an AI mobility platform that converts travel downtime into uptime by creating meaningful people to people and people to content connections.

  • Product Designer.
  • TribalScale Venture Studios.
  • 2018.


Dashero is an AI-driven e-commerce platform that allows consumers to purchase goods directly from the dashboard of their vehicle for curbside pickup. It is the first end-to-end, in-vehicle shopping platform that allows for convenient, on-the-go pickup.

  • Sr. Product Designer.
  • TribalScale Venture Studios.
  • 2019.


I was in charge of redesigning a user-friendly digital product focused on private jet industry, which allows operators to reach consumers who need them most, and enables travel management companies to access a streamlined booking platform.

  • Lead Product Designer.
  • Biz Airlines.
  • 2017.


Fallsview Casino Resort is offering an unique and premium experience for VIPs clients, allowing them to have access to events, book appointments, rooms and request exclusive offers directly from the APP.

  • Product Designer.
  • Arrivals & Departures.
  • 2018.


I was responsible for managing a project composed by Strategy, User Experience, and Design teams in order to deliver a design concept to JEEP/FIAT (FCA) based on user-centered design principles.

  • Senior Project Manager.
  • Huge.
  • 2016.

About me

I started off my career covering every step in the product design process in 2005. The products and experiences I have built derive from valuable business opportunities to fully explore the balance between user needs and business strategies.

With a BA in Advertising and an MBA in Marketing, I have worked with global brands such as Jeep, Fiat, Samsung, FILA, Brookfield, in addition to some of the largest South American banks (Bank of Brazil and Caixa), Ministry of Health of Brazil, Ministry of Tourism of Brazil, Brazilian National Health Agency, Brazilian Marine and corporations.

Additionally, I have been working as a Business Design Consultant, helping Startups to validate ideas, properly explore opportunities in the market and design a Minimum Loveable Product for their customers through user-centered design principles.

My entrepreneurial spirit enables me to take ownership of all my projects. As an experienced designer who have also worked as a Front-end Developer for several years, I have a solid understanding of digital functionality, architecture, color, typography, user interface, user experience, user interaction, and navigation. In addition, as a detail-focused, creative, and highly organized professional with experience designing, prototyping, coding and mentoring digital products and companies, I possess a wide range of knowledge and skills that allow me to contribute toward the success of any project.